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    The average birth weight for a singleton is 7lbs 7ozs, and for a twin is 5lbs 5ozs.  
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We provide a newsletter which keeps you up-to-date with information, current activities, a classified section, hire information, recipes, committee and support contact numbers and club member discount and benefits.

Subscription is $20.00 for each year. This covers newsletters, hall hire for the coffee mornings, updating the library, providing new toys, the annual Christmas party and various activities during the year.

We would value your involvement with our club and trust that you will find us friendly and positive. Enjoy this special experience. It can be hard work when the babies are very young but the joys are more than double. We look forward to getting to know you.

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What Members Say

"Meeting others at the multiple birth club makes your multiple birth even more special.  You meet people who know exactly what you are going through and that includes the really good stuff.  The coffee morning is not like any other, you find there is no competition, just a bunch of supportive people you like to call your friends."

Sally, mother of Mac & Tavvy aged 1 and Cambria aged 3

"I was in total shock for a long time both before the twins were born and after. And I love getting together with other parents of multiples and swapping stories: how we found out, how we told family, the amazing and weird comments we get from other people, how we are coping (or aren't coping as the case may be). There is an amazing difference between one baby at a time and two and it is awesome to get together with others in similar situations. Club members have so much in common that we don't have to explain, as well as amazing stories and tales of survival! Multiple births are so special and miraculous and deserve to be recognised as such; as well as hard work that needs as much support as possible!"

Iz, mother of Ethan & Cosette aged 4 and Josh aged 5

"I joined the multiple birth club when I found out I was expecting twins but was too shy to go along to the Coffee Mornings.  It wasn’t until the twins were about one and a half that a friend convinced me to go along with her.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I've been going ever since.  It is so great to share stories with others that know exactly what you are going through and I have made some awesome friends (and so have the girls!)."

Anna, mother of Paige & Ella aged 4

"I found the club very helpful especially with my newborn twins as I was able to get tips and useful advice.  Everyone was very approachable and friendly and always willing to help."

Cherie, mother of William & Sophia aged 2 and Millie aged 1